ZOOfund For Kids

Support Education, Conservation, Zoological Research and Recreation.


The ZOOfund for Kids program is a grant program assisting schools and non-profit organizations by providing an opportunity for children to attend a Zoo education class and experience wildlife and nature on a personal level. Since its creation in 1997, more than 430,000 children have been served.

The Oklahoma Zoological Society (OZS), a nonprofit organization supporting the OKC Zoo’s mission, provides these grants to offset the cost of zoo education programs. Grants are available for Pre-K to 12th grade students, libraries and non-profit youth and adult organizations on a competitive basis.

Please visit okczoo.org/zoo-fund-for-kids for application and eligibility requirements.






Help ensure that anyone, regardeless of economic situation, has the opportunity to experience exciting and memorable conservation education at the Oklahoma City Zoo. For information on how to donate please contact Matt Burkholder at (405)425-0613 or mburkholder@zoofriends.org.


  If you have questions about the Zoofund for Kids please contact education@okczoo.org or 405.425.0218


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