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Animal Adoption

Animal Adoptions are a great way to help the Oklahoma City Zoo and the animals that call the Zoo home. Your generous donation helps supply the Oklahoma City Zoo with important funding for health, enrichment and the nutritional needs of all our Zoo animals. And animal adoptions make great gifts, too!

Classic adoption

Classic Adoption - $40

Each Classic Adoption donation includes a personalized certificate and name recognition on the ZOOfriends website for one year.



Limited Edition adoption

Limited Edition Adoption - $60

  Each Limited Edition Adoption includes plush Indian rhino, personalized adoption certificate, and name recognition on the ZOOfriends website for one year.




Deluxe YABI adoption

Deluxe Yabi Adoption - $100

Each Deluxe Adoption includes plush Indian rhino, personalized adoption certificate, photo, fact sheet about your adopted animal, tote bag, Indian Rhino fact sheet, a Niki and Yabi postcard and name recognition on the ZOOfriends website for one year.




Your deserve to be recognized! 

Thank you for your support of the Oklahoma Zoological Society and the Oklahoma City Zoo.


November 2020
  • Lauren Voth Indian Rhino
  • James Crutcher Indian Rhino
  • Ladaovanh Nguyen  Indian Rhino
  • Kathy Foreman  Indian Rhino
  • Adam Hutzell Indian Rhino
  • James Cain Indian Rhino
  • Toni Haught Indian Rhino
  • Robert Pierce  Indian Rhino
  • Jennifer Ferrell Indian Rhino
  • Marcia Pauley Indian Rhino
  • Mike Stavrinakis  Indian Rhino
  • Mary Blankenship Pointer Indian Rhino
  • Frank Wilson Indian Rhino
  • Brad Coats Indian Rhino
  • William Shahan  Indian Rhino
  • Suzy Sultemeier Indian Rhino
  • Robin Sagel Indian Rhino
  • Edie Cohoon Indian Rhino
  • James Cain  Indian Rhino
  • Holly Kruta Indian Rhino
  • Deb Willis Indian Rhino
  • Gloria Rollins Indian Rhino
  • Diana Neaves Indian Rhino
MAY 2020
  • Karis Johnson Lion
  • Connor Bennett Elephant
april 2020
  • Bridger Dodson Red Panda
  • Darin CarusoLion
  • Abby Caruso Red Panda
  • Matthew Schroyer  Burrowing Owl
  • Erin McQuiston Burrowing Owl, Swift Fox
  • Karen Deatherage Lion
  • Sandy Scroggins Elephant
  • Kennedy Vaughn  Elephant
  • Abby Baker Wild African Dog
  • Ian Munoz Red Panda
  • Nichole Jenkins Red Panda
March 2020
  • Brianna LiskaRed Panda, Komodo, Lion
  • Angela KingLion
  • Mallori GallegosAfrican Painted Dog
  • Amanda PayneRed Panda
February 2020
  • Ace Blohm Komodo Dragon
  • Nelson BlohmRed Panda
  • Lillian Campbell Red Panda
  • Tanya Crawford  Komodo Dragon
  • Xiaozhong Dou Red Panda
  • Aedan Gibbons Elephant
  • Caitlyn Gibbons Komodo Dragon
  • Carol Hoebing  Komodo Dragon
  • Aria Lynn Khalili Red Panda
  • Francis and Latonya McHale Rhino
  • Eloise, Rhett, and Rylan Red Panda
  • Matt Murphy Komodo Dragon
  • Sherry Murphy Red Panda
  • Michael Odeilweler Komodo Dragon
  • Emily and Jeremy Potts Komodo Dragon
  • Violet Prater  Red Panda
  • Elizabeth Mizikar Seva Chiryaev  Elephant
  • Paul Snow Red Panda
  • Sue Waters Komodo Dragon
  • Cindy Wheatley Elephant
  • David Winfrey Rhino
January 2019
  • Kris Vodvarka Komodo Dragon
  • Jessica DawsRed Panda
  • Joe McCourry II Komodo Dragon
December 2019
  • Megan, Caleb, Abby, and Charlotte Elephant
  • Alexander Andrews Elephant
  • Anastasia Andrews Lion
  • Brenda Baldwin Elephant
  • Ezra Daniels Lion
  • Mitch and Alissa Downing Komodo Dragon
  • Reagan Ferris Asian Elephant
  • Catherine HowellGiraffe
  • Wilbur and Christy Jones Hippo
  • Mina Kim Red Panda
  • Sophie Madden Komodo Dragon
  • Nancy RookerRed Panda
  • Cecilia Schaffer Komodo Dragon
  • Kelly SchulerRed Panda
  • Megan SmithAlligator
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