Critical Needs Fund

Support Education, Conservation, Zoological Research and Recreation.

Now, more than ever...ZOOfriends needs you!

It's impossible to overstate the impact COVID-19 has had on the Oklahoma Zoological Society/ZOOfriends. The Zoo's closure this Spring limited our ability to raise funds that provide top-tier support for the Oklahoma City Zoo.

ZOOfriends has been a vitally important partner in helping establish the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden as one of Oklahoma’s top family destinations connecting our community members to wildlife, nature and the environment. 

Through fundraising, ZOOfriends memberships and special events, OZS has made a positive impact in following our mission to support the Zoo. Currently, we are faced with a severe budget shortfall.  In order to continue our good work to support the Zoo, we need the help of generous friends and donors.

Our goal is to maintain our responsibility to the Zoo amid these unprecedented times as OZS supports our Zoo’s focus on the areas of greatest need.  Continued operational support allows us to reinforce our commitment to the Oklahoma City Zoo. Now, more than ever, our Zoo needs us and we need you! Your support enhances and expands our efforts in conservation, education and animal welfare. Members, donors and corporate and foundation partners help the Zoo make a difference across Oklahoma and around the world.

We've cut expenses, but we won't take shortcuts when it comes to supporting our Zoo. Our viability and success depend on dedicated support from donors and we are appealing to our community for a gift to the Oklahoma Zoological Society's Critical Needs Fund. Your donation will help ensure the continuing operation of OZS and the ZOOfriends Membership program.

Gifts made to the Oklahoma Zoological Society's Critical Needs Fund are 100% tax deductible and will be recongized at 

Questions? Please contact us: Matt Burkholder, Interim Executive Director, (405)425-0613


P.O. Box 18424
Oklahoma City, OK 73154
Tax EIN: 73-0688645 

Thank-you to our supporters!

  • Daniel Adams
  • Derek Albro
  • Cheryl Arnold
  • Teresa Jahn Atkinson
  • Kari Bargas
  • Linda Benham
  • Chriss & Bill Barnes
  • Jack Blake
  • David Bozalis
  • Tiffany Bratcher
  • Travis Brown
  • Rick Buschelman
  • Philip & Carol Camp
  • Ray Cloer
  • Ryan & Brooke Coe
  • Christensen Family Charitable Fund
  • Diana K. Collinsworth
  • Hoss Cooley
  • James Crutcher
  • Jim Daniel
  • Paul Darden
  • Scott & Ann Darnold
  • Wade Deaver
  • Delaney Family Foundation
  • Christopher Dingess
  • Brenda Dodson
  • Warren Edwards
  • Matthew Evans
  • Gordon Flygare
  • David Foose
  • Richard & Debbie Forshee
  • Dustin & Lori Fredrick
  • Kent W. Gardner
  • Bryan Geiger
  • Derek Gill
  • LaDonna Glover
  • Julia Carrington Hall
  • April Haulman & Ed Cunliff
  • Lee Anne Hiller
  • Dr. and Mrs. John Holliman
  • Alan Holloway
  • Vicki Howard
  • Mark Howery
  • Erica Huss
  • In Memory of Kent Williams
  • In Memory of Kent Williams
  • Lisa John
  • Brent Johnson
  • Carlos Johnson
  • Heather Jones
  • John C. Jones
  • Don Kaspereit
  • Peggy Kates
  • Diana Kennedy
  • Phil Kidd III
  • Judy Love
  • Brad Martin
  • Annie Maruska
  • Linda Rosser McDaniel
  • Robert & Donna McCampbell
  • NK McClure
  • Don & Virginia McCombs
  • Carolyn McCoy
  • Matt McGuire
  • Francis McHale
  • Clark & Kay Musser
  • Blair Naifeh
  • Denise Nash
  • Lynda Nolen
  • Mike & Pama Palmer
  • Matt Payne
  • Morton & Elizabeth Payne
  • Keith Peters
  • Mary Blankenship Pointer
  • Niki & Bill Puffinbarger
  • Claire Ramberg
  • Mike & Helen Rangel
  • Elizabeth Rasche
  • Dr. Linda Revere
  • Hidemi Richardson
  • Dave Wilson & Karen Ross
  • James and Karen Rynearson
  • Sally B. Saunders
  • Darryl & Stacy Schmidt
  • Pat & Fred Schonwald
  • Darlene Shaw
  • Steve E. Shelley
  • Jo Shrewbart
  • Richard L. Sias
  • Jacquelin & Samuel Sims
  • Matthew Sinclair
  • Mark Smith
  • Dennis & Marianne Stover
  • James L. Brand & John Stuemky
  • Suzy Sultemeier
  • Kyle & Sara Sweet
  • Jo Tarver
  • Lyndon & Pam Taylor
  • Ken Thiele
  • Judson & Jessica Tompkins
  • Marsha Townsend
  • Aaron and Leslye Trachte
  • Rosalind Doyle Triplett
  • Mike and Nancy Tucker
  • Jaclyn Voyles
  • Wade Family
  • Justin Waits
  • Doris J.Wise
  • Paul & Janet Weigel








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