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ZOOfriends Electronic Membership Cards

As a benefit of your ZOOfriends membership, we are excited to offer electronic membership cards. Gone are the days of misplacing or forgetting your physical card – you can now store it digitally on your phone! Electronic membership cards will create a more streamlined check-in experience for OKC Zoo members, and further support our mission of promoting conservation-focused practices.

Download Your Digital Membership Card

  • Search "eMembership Card" in your phone's app store and download the app with this icon: 
  • Choose the Oklahoma Zoological Society/ZOOfriends as the institution
  • Select "Find My Membership Cards"
  • Enter the membership ID number and last name associated with your ZOOfriends membership, and select "Find"
  •  Verify the information is correct and then choose to download your cards
  • Once you have downloaded your cards, you can use "Show My Membership Cards" in the eMembership Card app.


Frequently Asked Questions

How will I use my digital membership card?

Your digital membership card will take the place of a physical membership card. It is unique to your membership, and displays your name, membership level, expiration date, and a scannable barcode. Simply show your digital membership card to our staff at the check-in area, Safari Gifts, Safari Café, or Lotus Pavilion to take advantage of your member benefits! You will still be required to show a photo ID along with your digital card at check-in. 

How will I receive my digital membership card? 

You can access your card using the instructions above. Once set up, it is available through the eMembership Card app.    

Will the second (or third) listed adult also receive a digital membership card? 

Yes, anyone listed on the membership will be issued a unique digital membership card.  

Will my digital card update when I renew my membership? 

Yes! The digital card will automatically update when your membership information changes. For example, your expiration date and membership level will automatically update the next time you renew or upgrade your membership. This means that you only have to download the card once!

How will my reciprocal benefits work when visiting other museums?

Simply show your digital membership card at participating AZA-affiliated zoos and aquariums to receive free or reduced admission!

Can I update the email address(es) associated with my membership? 

Yes! Please contact us at (405) 425-0618 to update your information. We also encourage you to thoroughly review your contact information each time you renew your membership. . 

I'm having issues with the emembership card app

Try restarting your phone after downloading the app, which should resolve your issue. If you're still having trouble, please contact us at (405) 425-0618.

(Please note that it could take up to 48 hours after purchase for your eMembership card to be available.)

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