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Friday, October 1, 2021 | 5:30pm-10:00pm

ZOObrew was created by the Oklahoma Zoological Society and Byron’s Liqour Warehouse to showcase local craft beers and national distributors. Participants will find that ZOObrew is an effective marketing tool for their business. The public relations and goodwill generated at ZOObrew will have a positive residual effect on participants year-round. Participants also will have the opportunity to gain more exposure in pre-event promotion. Our media community strongly supports the events produced by the Oklahoma Zoological Society and will provide extensive publicity and promotional opportunities.  



Eligibility Requirements for Participation

Breweries and Distributors will provide unlimited 3 oz sampling sized portions for 2,000+ people. Preference will be given to those participants:

  • Which exemplify the craft beer industy of Oklahoma and beyond
  • Propose to serve unique samplings and beer menu items
  • Who just have darn good beer.

Breweries and Distribitors will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Applicants will be selected based on meeting the requirements listed in this application. The Oklahoma Zoological Society management has the discretion to accept applicants after the deadline if the participants will enhance the quality of the event.

Key rules & regulations

All breweries must be self-contained. If a tent is needed by the brewery they must be approved before the event.

Breweries may not sell beverages of any kind. All alchohol must be donated for the available consumption of our guests. Breweries shall not charge any fees of any sort for admission, food, or alchohol. Merchandise sales are permitted.

Breweries and Distribitors must not bring balloons, kites, frisbees or any activity that could become bothersome or hazardous to the Oklahoma City Zoo animals, property or guests.

Breweries and Distributors shall control the behavior of their staff and bear full responsibility for their conduct, including financial responsbility for rectification of damages to the Oklahoma City Zoo or any other form of violation. Failure to comply will result in the police being notified immediatly.

If the Oklahoma Zoological Society management determines that a brewery or distributor is violating any of the duties listed above, management may ask the brewery or distribitor to leave the event before the end of the event, and suspend the brewery or distribitors rights to participate in events at the Oklahoma City Zoo again.

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