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Oklahoma's Largest Outdoor Craft Beer Festival

Friday, October 1, 2021 | 5:30pm-10:00pm

ZOObrew was created by the Oklahoma Zoological Society and Byron’s Liqour Warehouse to showcase local craft beers and national distributors. Participants will find that ZOObrew is an effective marketing tool for their business. The public relations and goodwill generated at ZOObrew will have a positive residual effect on participants year-round. Participants also will have the opportunity to gain more exposure in pre-event promotion. Our media community strongly supports the events produced by the Oklahoma Zoological Society and will provide extensive publicity and promotional opportunities.  


The fee to participate in ZOObrew is dependent upon the type of vendor:

  • Beer Vendor: Offers a 3 oz. sampling sized portion for 2,000 people - $0 fee

  • Food Vendor: Offers a sampling sized portion for 2,000 people - $0 fee

  • Business Booth: Promoting your business by handing out marketing material but not selling goods - $30 fee 

  • Food Truck Vendor: Offers a full menu for purchase - $200 fee

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